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Gary L. Steele, a performer, composer, and artist, brings the creative evolution of music composition to three-dimensional design in plain and 3D surface drawings. As a classical trained performer and composer, my art presents the transition of a composition form, sounding two melodic lines simultaneously. This method is called counterpoint. The word comes from the Latin punctus contra punctum, meaning "point against point". Contrapuntal music is that which has two or more melodic lines sounding simultaneously, in contrast to one another, essentially linear music. That is, the composer intends for the listener to perceive these sounds as concurrent melodies-horizontal lines of music. The sounds are not to be thought of vertically as chords, even though the harmonies are produced as the counter point progresses.

The compositions are created upon acid free paper, utilizing a wide variety of mediums, ink, water-media, and wax pencils. The early compositions on music manuscript paper show the beginning stages of the music notation to the graphic line in the creative process. As the drawings evolved from a prismatic and conical surface to helicoids and convoluted, a high degree of content also developed in the creative evolution of the process.

Since melody and rhythm preceded other musical elements, counterpoint was an earlier invention than the melody-plus-accompaniment that is so common today. The use of several pitches sounding as a unit requires a higher degree of musical sophistication than the mere addition of another melody, as it would be logical to assume the same would be true of multiple graphic lines.